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Pam England, acrylic 16" x 20" on canvas (sold)


This Great Mother figure is simultaneously pregnant, giving birth, and postpartum as she raises the plump, newlyborn baby in her left hand. The cord trails down over a cornucopia of nourishing food, eventually connecting to the life-supporting placenta.


Archival ink/paper prints

small 8.5 x 11" w/ border:  $25. plus S&H

large  12 x 15" with 1/4" border:  $48  plus S&H

The gold and silver dipping and dripping lines, my unique interpretation of labor contractions, reflect how a mother's attention and energy dip and drip down into her inner world and the underworld (the collective unconscious) during labor. In the left lower corner, a Corn Mother shows up with two coy swimmiing in the Water of Life.


8.5" x 11" print 


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