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Welcome all who love story--parents in your childbearing year, birth story students and mentors worldwide. The best place to form our story circle is online, although I'd prefer to ladle soup into your bowl and sit around a fire. Let's make the best of it.  Make soup, pour a glass of wine if you like, and bring a candle.

After I tell the Great Story, you'll consider how the hints and insights it offered you. We'll discover the hidden meaning in the archetypes, symbols, patterns of alchemy and initiation.

We could spend longer, but count on an hour-and-a-half to two hours.


The Handless Maiden is a very old and compelling

German folktale about the initiatory journey of a maiden-to-woman-and-motherhood through sacrifice, endurance, and love. There's a lot of ingredients and Medicine to put in your Story Cauldron: archetypal development from Innocence to Mother and wholeness, Allies, Shadow, and a merging of the split in Masculine Feminine energies. 

A must know folktale for women becoming mothers and birth story mentors



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April 5      SAINT MAWR by D.H. Lawrence

A story about meeting a horse ignites an alchemical transformation in a woman.

July 9        THESEUS & the MINOTAUR

Nov 15       ISIS and OSIRIS 

"Speaking of the history of stories

and fairy-stories,  we may say

that the Pot of Soup, the Cauldron of Story, 

has always been boiling,

and to it we have added new bits.. 

If we speak of the cauldron,

we must speak of the Cooks..."                                   


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