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Tell Me What Happened

September 5  to  November 28, 2024

11:00 am to 1:00 pm PST

plus a  3-hour “Ears-On” Workshop  (Date TBA)

Mentored by Pam England,  Birth Story Magician

Learn to lead the proven, uplifting Birth Story Medicine Process and become a Birth Story Specialist.


During the ten-week "Open Your Ear" course, you will learn the art of birth story tracking and how get to the Heart of the Story. In this First Level of a  22-week comprehensive course, you will quickly move past not knowing what to listen for or what to say to fine-tune your ear to notice the subtle layers that construct the story and contain the seeds of healing.  


The Second Level is the 12-week Apprenticeship, an intensive practicum where you lead a session each week and learn from ten advanced modules, consultations, and supervised mentoring.

This course is open to anyone who:

works with parents during their childbearing year and listens to birth stories doesn’t know what to say to a storyteller after a difficult, traumatic birth is offering or plans to provide birth story listening and healing sessions or groups or those listeners who took the three-part course but want a refresher.




Ways of Learning:

Readings, Videos, Weekly 120-minute group calls for Instruction, Demonstration, Case-Studies, and Practice​​​

You cannot learn to lead Birth Story Medicine’s Amazing Transformative Process™  just by taking notes in class. You must actively participate, complete homework; and practice to learn a new language, map, and skills. Practicing each step of the Process helps you embody it, which means it becomes a part of the way you see, hear, and think so in a session, rather than think—you have learned to listen within your belly (not your mind) while listening to the story unfold. 

You will learn to: 

Empty your mind, open your ear . . .

Feel more empathic and observant.

Shift from listening passively, not knowing what to say, or disengaging. . . to knowing what to listen for, what to ignore, and feeling connected to the storyteller and the story.  


 1.  Completing the mandatory three-hour “The Weaving of Stories" online workshop.  

 2.  Since you’ll be working with birth stories, you must have a basic knowledge of childbirth. 

      Before you register, make sure you have the following: 

  • Familiarity with terminology and medical jargon common in birth stories

  • A basic understanding of the physiology of childbirth some experience in birth in our culture, either through personal experience giving birth and/or working in the field. 

Tuition: $850.  Payment plan available.

Tuition covers 20-hours of lively weekly classes, feedback on homework, a three-hour workshop, and a personal mentored session on Zoom, plus course materials.  Registration is limited to eight committed students. No refunds once the course begins.



A 12-Week Birth Story Listener Apprenticeship begins in January through March 2024

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