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Facing... Riding... Becoming One with your Tiger

birth tiger safari

Worry is the Work of Pregnancy. When facing uncertainty and the unknown, (even when part of you trusts the process of birth) it's natural to be uneasy, a little nervous, or to look for a way out or around the things you hope won't happen.

Worry is the Work of Pregnancy.

Even when part of you trusts the process of birth,

it's normal to have doubts and feel uneasy when facing

uncertainty, the unknown, and the unknowable.

Childbirth is synonymous with uncertainty.

Preparation for a rite of passage or Initiation through birth

is to take a Guided Birth Tiger Safari,

to look into the thing you are hoping won't happen

and to change the way you are looking at it

(before you are in Laborland).

Awaken your Inner Huntress.

In the Unknowns of life and rites of passage,

we are either the prey or the predator.

Instead of the Tiger stalking you, learn to track the Tiger in your mind.

Birth-Related Professionals:
Learn to Guide a Birth Tiger Safari 
March 11 & 12
, 2024
11:00 am 1:00 pm PST



Class Limited to 6


 Pregnant Parents:
Take a private 
Birth Tiger Safari with Pam

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